Band Registration

As soon as you have thought of a name for your band, it is advisable to do as much research as possible to see if someone else is already using the name. You can do this by entering your intended band name or variations of the name, into different search engines i.e. Google, yahoo etc.
Once you are confident your name is unique you can register it at the following:
It’s free to do so and you can register as many names as you like.
Registering your name with these sites does not guarantee you the right to use it; however, it can help you prove when you started using the name, which can be important if there are any disputes. It is not acceptable to use a band name that has been registered or is being used by another act, even if they are relatively unknown i.e. a pub band, they may be able to prevent you from using it.
You can also run a trade mark search to find out whether your band name has been registered as a trademark. For a preliminary search for UK registered trade marks, go to the Intellectual Property Office website You can also instruct a solicitor or trade mark professional to carry out a comprehensive search.