MCPS - Mechanical Rights

The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) is a non-profit making organisation which represents composers, songwriters and music publishers. The MCPS collects and distributes 'mechanical' royalties generated from the recording of music onto many different formats.
MCPS has exclusive authority to act as an agent on behalf of its members, for the purpose of administering the following rights: to copy the work (pressing CDs, downloads), to issue copies of the work to the public (sale of CDs, tapes or vinyl in shops), to rent or lend the work to the public (renting videos, tapes, CDs, library lending).
These are known as ‘mechanical rights’. MCPS licenses these rights in return for a royalty. This can be done for individual works or an entire catalogue. MCPS deducts a commission fee before it distributes the royalties to its members.
MCPS is known as a ‘collecting society’, its main role is collecting money from music users in the UK who record music into TV and radio programmes, websites, feature films, CDs, records etc. It acts on behalf of its members by negotiating agreements with those who wish to record and distribute products containing copyright musical works and collecting licence fees for this use.
Writers and publishers of music are eligible for membership if their music has been copied, or is about to be copied onto one or more formats, including but not limited to: CDs, Computer games, Records, Feature films, Audio tapes, Websites, Music DVDs, Telephone ringtones, TV and Radio, Novelty products, Videos and Commercials.
An important point to be aware of is that if you subsequently sign a publishing deal you'll invariably hand over the copyright of your work to the publisher who will then become the owner.

MCPS then pays the publishers any mechanical royalties generated and the publisher will then pass the writer’s share on to them. 
The benefits of being a member of MCPS is that in conjunction with other leading industry organizations, MCPS has an effective lobbying position nationally and internationally, which aims to protect its members’ interests and influencing new legislation in favour of rights holders.
MCPS runs an anti-piracy programme, which cracks down on counterfeits and illegal copying of members' music.
MCPS offers schemes for all types of usage of its members' works within the physical, mobile and online world, including a joint MCPS-PRS online licensing model for music downloads.
MCPS takes a pro-active approach in the development of its existing licensing schemes to adapt to changing uses of music, and is constantly developing new schemes to deal with new technologies.
MCPS distributes royalties monthly and provides detailed distribution statements.
To join MCPS it costs £50 (one-off administration charge) per member per application. The same rate applies to writers and publishers.