Who Does What in the Music Industry

There are many different people in the music business who all work with signed acts each plays an important role. The main people are A&R people, marketing & PR people, solicitors, publishers, managers and producers.
A&R people not only look for new and exciting bands, once they find bands they work very closely with them throughout their career representing them within the record company i.e. attending meetings and negotiating budgets etc.
The record companies marketing people are the ones who work on getting different forms of publicity and advertising.
Public relations deal with promotional events such as TV appearances, radio interviews and newspaper reviews. Although having PR people are useful in helping to raise your profile they do not do anything that you can’t do yourself with a bit of work.
Solicitors are very important as they will negotiate contracts on your behalf therefore getting a solicitor who specialises in the music business is a must. They will be experienced in looking for certain loopholes and negotiating fair terms. Music business solicitors can be very helpful as they will have many useful contacts.
Solicitors often give the first consultation free of charge therefore it’s worth speaking to a few different ones to see who you would prefer to work with, who it is you want fighting your corner.
In the music business, publishing is where the money is as all different users of music i.e. TV & film companies, clubs, pubs etc all pay for the use. They also look after songwriters; if a songwriter doesn’t perform then it’s the publisher that places their songs with the right acts.
It’s a manager’s job to have an overview of the above i.e. making sure touring, PR and marketing schedule all ties in with the release of the record. The relationship between the artist and the manager is pretty intense, as they spend a great deal of time working together. Your manager needs to be someone you really get on well with and who likes you and your music enough to work long hours trying to get the rest of the industry to take notice of you.
Producers are concerned with the creative side of an artist, arranging songs, coaching and guiding them in order to get the best performance possible from that artist. The role of the producer depends very much on genre. With pop acts producers often write songs as well as handle the recording. In a dance act the producer and engineer is usually the same person. Producers can be very helpful as many have their own studios and of course they have experience and know how to make great records. Plus they will have many useful contacts in the industry.