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The story so far goes as follows...The Songs were Recorded With Sketchy Equipment, Drum Synths, No Compressors etc...But we have 3 originals that we hope to get recorded professionally soon and use as our Demo for Getting Gigs and such!Also planning a small tour round the U.K with maybe a stop at DownLoad!!

Genres: Metal,

Artistry Members

No Image Availablejonathan taylor - palyin bass for 6 years

No Image Availableraz - likes the youngens

No Image Availablepaul curran - the brains

No Image Availablejames moore - deadly

Artistry Tracks

1. A State Of Chaos(demo) 2008 5.4MB £0.79
2. aggressive codes (demo) 2008 6.1MB £0.79

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Address:38 alexander road
United Kingdom

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